Victoria’s World

I am so lucky to have the best job in the world. I get to follow families around creating the best memories! Who gets to do that? ┬áVictoria is this yummy little 2 year old who loves bows and fashion. Her mommy hired us to take some mommy and me pictures and we went to the picturesque wynwood district to do the session. But you see, Victoria thought I had taken her daddy’s camera and was so upset at me for having it she gave me the ugliest looks. Take a look here:qRsnCwnX09fcAmLaWa8SoqHM6BJaWgswrAyuIos5Ho8,lvOLZcfJ-hxJceF1FXu2lvlpL9WskipWgIlurKjtZPg,zKhoecwsAceRRQVV2riurGrW2yoUoKokO1B2xRWC338,AsjppebNr641RFfPBno-WOYGO21xXfqfO4FVg84LBXY,_j3Z2RTm11I2c79rQeCgX12F3BRamD2U0D8wFUVQ0WM


After some love from her mom and many distractions (including the people doing valet parking and of course Mike) we were able to capture some really great shots of this dynamic duo. Here’s a little look at their session!victoriasworld2 victoriasworld

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